Thursday, March 12, 2009

Top 25 Literary Influences

Today I was challenged by my friend Marvin Wilson, author of I Romanced the Stone to list my top 25 Literary influences as he did this morning on his Free Spirit blog. So, here goes, Y'all. From last to first.

25. Margaret Atwood

24. Sarah Waters

23. Radclyffe Hall

22. Sylvia Plath

21. Patricia Matthews

20. Kathleen Windsor

19. Gustave Flaubert

18. Anya Seton

17. Marion Zimmer Bradley

16. Betty Smith

15. Leon Uris

14. Anita Diamant

13. Maya Angelou

12. Alix Olson

11. Anne McCaffrey

10. Robert Jordon

09. Margaret Walker

08. Rita Mae Brown

07. John Steinbeck

06. Frank G. Slaughter

05. Samuel Schellabarger

04. Lawrence Schoonover

03. Pearl Buck

02. Mary Renault

01. Sappho

Your turn.


  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Great list. And hey - YAY! All your widgets are visible again on my screen. You do anything different?

  2. Good list. I see that we share a few of the same authors.:)

  3. Lawrence Schoonover?

    I am his great-nephew, and have the rights to publish his books. I've released 2 new editions so far: The Schoonover Collection: Queen's Cross, and The Schoonover Collection: Gentle Infidel.

    Have you read either of these? Which of his have you read? I plan to release seven more over the next few years, timing dependent on how well these former best-sellers sell.

    I have a site on Book Blogs, as well.

    -George Scott

  4. While in Jr. High a few eons ago I read every Schoonover book our local library owned and I'm reasonably sure they owned them all. Actually, in 1947 [the summer I was 15] I read my way through all of Schoonover, Shellabarger and Slaughter. As I recall, the only one of the three who published much after that year was Slaughter and I read those too.

    PS please post your blog urls here too.

  5. Schoonover books:

    To be released in The Schoonover Collection-

    Gentle Infidel
    Queen's Cross
    To Love A Queen
    The Spider King
    The Prisoner of Tordesillas
    The Chancellor
    Key of Gold
    Burnished Blade
    Golden Exile

    Other of his published works:

    The Revolutionary
    Central Passage
    The Quick Brown Fox

    My blog and website:


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