Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Nurses Know...PTSD

ISBN: 978-1-9363-0306-9

by Mary E. Muscari, PhD. RN
Associate Professorat the Decker School of Nursing
Binghamton University (NY)

PTSD transforms millions of people who have been effected by violence war, natural disasters, and other traumatic events.

Muscari emphasizes that PTSD sufferers are not "crazy" even though they may feel that way at times.  PTSD is as real as high blood pressure, diabetis or other common  illnesses.  Some people may appear callus about any form of mental illness, including PTSD mostly because they do not understand.  Sufferers need to realize that in some people prejudice is their unrecognized mental disease.  There's no more reason to be ashamed of PTSD than there is to be ashamed of asthma, heart disease or any other chronic illness.

In What Nurses Know... PTSD, Muscari gives chapters of practical advice to PTSD sufferers and their families as to dealing with this illness, information on the various drugs prescribed in treating it and several alternative treatments.  She closes with Chapter 10, Kids Stuff: When your child Has PTSD. [a common occurrence following events such as massive tornados or Hurricane Katrina]

The Author closes with an extensive glossary, a list of references and a bibliography.

I recommend What Nurses Know...PTSD to sufferers, their family and associates, and to all Special Educators dealing with survivors of major childhood trauma.

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