Monday, February 27, 2012

Why Do Lesbian Authors Shoot Themselves in the Collective Foot?

Why Do Lesbian Authors Shoot Themselves in the Collective Foot?

From - Nan Hawthorne, Our Story: GLBTQ historical Fiction, GLBT Bookshelf

I am an editor for a section of the GLBT Bookshelf which is a wiki
set up for authors to get the word out about their books.
When I have posted about the site on lesbian groups, invariably I
get the complaint "But it's all men's stuff!"
There's a good reason for that. The men put themselves and their
books up there. Lesbians just sit around and complain there aren't more
lesbians on the site. Well, duh. It's like complaining that a grocery
store doesn't carry something you like when you own the store.
On the GLBT Bookshelf each author has the responsibility to join
(for free) and put up her author page and her book pages (for free)..
There is help, namely me, if it's too hard to figure out, which since I
am legally blind but I figured it out I don't understand.. the blind
leading the sighted, I guess.
Why are women, especially lesbians, so passive? I refuse to
believe it is a natural characteristic.
There is a wonderful essay by Joanna Russ called "Power and
Helplessness in the Women's Movement"... the scary part is it came out
decades ago and is still true.
So you lesbian authors.. you owe it to your readers and
yourselves, IMHO, to go register on the site and add yourself and your
books. You readers review books as the Bosom Friends authors have been.
The only thing that is keeping the GLBT Bookshelf primarily men is
the women who don't put their books up.

It's easy.. just click on register and fill out the form. The
person who set this up and pays all the bills so it will be a success
will get online in a few days and approve you. Then write to the
helpdesk which is listed under contact/help if you can't figure out how
to set up your page. It is incredibly east.
OK, rant over. For the moment.

Nan Hawthorne
Our Story: GLBTQ historical Fiction
GLBT Bookshelf
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