Thursday, December 11, 2008

When your Muse won't cooperate

What do you do with a head full of ideas that don't want to be put on paper?  It's not the Dreaded Writer's Block.  The ideas are there but they develop a stubborn streak somewhere between your fingers and the keyboard.  If this happens to you, try something else.

Remember long hand?  Do the words and phrases come off your fingertips better when kicked back in your favorite chair with a pen or pencil in hand?

How about dictation?  Updated Voice Recognition software lets  you lean back, shut your eyes and tell your stories as they display themselves on the inside of your eyelids.

Or, maybe your Muse wants to get out of the house.  Try taking a recorder on a stroll through your neighbor or a local park.  Used to be when I did this people looked at me askance but these days they just figure I'm talking on a cell and move on.

Whatever works.  That's the key.  Once the words begin to flow you can let your characters takeover at least for the rough draft.  There'll be ample time to tame them later.  The important thing is to create something substantial enough to edit.  Write on!

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