Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's Day re-affirms its meaning - slowly.

One has to wonder when Valentines Day became no more than another children's holiday.  When reading my local paper yesterday I noticed an upcoming event called "A Sweetheart's Dance" and I thought how sweet.  Someone's hosting a dance for Senior Citizens but - no - this event is not for "Sweethearts" from when the word was deeply meaningful.  This is to be an event for Elementary School children.  I must admit to being appalled.  What do children know of "sweethearts"?  What should children know of sweethearts?  Nothing.

We, as a society, pair our off-spring at an an abysmally young age then wonder why teenage sex is a growing problem.

I saw another article in that same paper about a growing group of young adults and their families who are reinstituting the concept of courtship.  I'm pleased and amazed that they actually know what courtship is.

For those among you who may have never heard the word, courtship is a process wherein young people gather only in groups under strict adult supervision until such time as they express a sincere interest in a specific future life partner at which time the courtship begins - again under strict adult supervision.  Look up chaperone.  It is from courtship that St Valentines Day derives its true meaning. 

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  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Interesting post. I was unaware of the traditional meaning of courtship. Traditional Muslims maintain the old fashioned ways. Young people find a potential partner in youth gatherings. Permission from the spiritual leader (called an Imam) must be granted before they can court. Then they are chaperoned by an elder (called a Walee) on all their dates until marriage. Certtainly cuts down on the bastards, but a bit stifling and priggish for my tastes. I image somehwere in between that strict a system and the babies having babies sexual debacle we have in our modern anything goes society is where temperence and moderation could give rise to some sensible approach to mating.


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